Smart Service Desk is a smart support solution which is designed for fast and practical service delivery.


You can gather all your support processes on a single platform with Smart Service Desk.

You can be in a mobilized working process and can respond to your internal and external support requests in an accelerated manner with SS Desk.


  • Email, chat, social media and web page integration
  • Quick response system
  • Automatic orientation
  • Mass call management
  • Roof system


  • SLA Critical call application
  • Common team mail inbox
  • Automatic task assignment
  • Automatic categorization
  • Unique call match

Time Tracking

  • Automatic response and solution time calculation
  • Customer / subject-based time calculation and priority assignment
  • Changing priority according to urgency


  • Subject-based automatic reporting
  • Customer and product based automatic reporting
  • Instant call status display
  • Report export to Excel

Easy and Fast Support Service

Reduce your workload with Smart Service Desk.

You can integrate the Smart Service Desk, which we have developed on our BPMS platform, to all your support processes, and facilitate both your support and reporting processes. So you can enjoy teamwork with the user-friendly interface of SS Desk.

Demo Request

Make your team and customers happy with Smart Service Desk


If your question is not among what we have answered for you below, you can contact us.

Smart Service Desk works browser-based, so you don't need to install any software. You can download our free app for mobile devices or access it by using any internet browser.

Smart Service Desk also provides you global experience. Thanks to the multi-language support, while you communicate with your foreign country offices as in a healthy way, the application is shaped according to the language you use. In other words, you work flow iscontinue without any communication break.

Smart Service Desk is supported by an Information Security Management System compliant with the Law. SS Desk is hosted in a secure server environment equipped with a firewall and high technology, which prevents malicious attacks from outside, and only access authorized users to it.

For more information and technical support about Smart Service Desk, you can use [email protected] or the following contact address.

Contact Address

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